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Kala Pola - 2021




The George Keyt Foundation is charging a nominal registration fee of Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees one thousand) from each participant towards sustaining our other activities including pop up sales in the promotion of the Arts and Artists. Artists who have already registered on srilankanartgallery.com please pay your registration fee if you wish to exhibit your works of art at Kala Pola 2021 – Online Edition. Please use the same name, email address and contact number you used when registering at srilankanartgallery.com when making the payment.

ජෝර්ජ් කීට් පදනම කලාකරුවන්ගේ ප්‍රවර්ධනය සඳහා විවධ ක්‍රියාකාරකම් පවත්වා ගෙන යාමට කලා පොළ සඳහා එක් සහභාගිකරුවාගෙන් රු. 1,000 / - (රුපියල් දහසක) ලියාපදිංචි ගාස්තුවක් පෙර මෙන් අය කරනු ඇත. දැනටමත් srilankanartgallery.com හි ලියාපදිංචි වී සිටින කලාකරුවන් කලා පොළ 2021 සඳහා ඔබේ කලා කෘති ප්‍රදර්ශනය කිරීමට කැමති නම් කරුණාකර ලියාපදිංචි ගාස්තුව ගෙවන්න. කරුණාකර ගෙවීම් කිරීමේදී srilankanartgallery.com හි ලියාපදිංචි කිරීමේදී ඔබ භාවිතා කළ නම, ඊමේල් ලිපිනය සහ අංකයම භාවිතා කරන්න.



    Show terms and conditions

    1. Event Kala Pola Online Christmas Edition 2021 will be held from Sunday, 28th of November until the 12th of December online via www.srilankanartgallery.com/kalapola
    2. Eligible works of art - - Kala Pola is an art fair of paintings and sculpture. Therefore, visual creative art – such as paintings, collages, drawings, sculpture and carvings in any media - are eligible for exhibition and sale. All other types of art which are mass produced including (but not limited to) batiks, handicrafts and greeting cards, tattoo and body art are strictly prohibited.
    3. Eligible Artists - Only practicing artists can participate. Third parties (e.g. agents or art dealers) are not eligible to participate.
    4. Registration - The application form could be found online at www.srilankanartgallery.com/register. Registrations will be closed at 12pm on the 14th of November. A registration fee of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand), is payable per artist (the entirety of which is credited to The George Keyt Foundation towards funding its other activities in the promotion of the Arts and Artists). The George Keyt Foundation reserves the right to reject any Application Form even after confirmation of registration if it violates Kala Pola terms and conditions.
    5. Sales- If you succeed in selling a painting or sculpture through this online event, it is mandatory to change the status to ‘SOLD’ on the web portal. If you are unable to complete this process by yourself, you are required to seek the support of the Kala Pola team via e-mail ([email protected])
    6. Works of Art – It is mandatory that every artist who wishes to participate in the event uploads high quality photographs of your paintings and sculptures placed in a plain background. The pictures should be a maximum of 2MB in size. You are required to upload all your paintings and sculptures by the 21st of November 2021.
    7. Limitation of liability - There will be no watermark placed on the Artist’s work since that will interfere with the buyer’s viewing experience. The organizers will not take any responsibility for any reproductions by a third party of any of the Artist’s work displayed in the website. The George Keyt Foundation or John Keells Holdings’s liability is limited to hosting this website for Sri Lankan Artists to display their work. Notwithstanding anything stated herein, we are not responsible either for any artwork uploaded by the Artist or for any interaction between the buyer and the Artist.
    8. Terms & Conditions on Sri Lankan Art gallery – All artists MUST read and agree the Terms and Conditions mentioned on https://www.srilankanartgallery.com/#artist-tab prior to registration.